Pavilion Rental


  • Payment and damage deposit are required to reserve the pavilion
  • If paying by check, two checks required (one for rental and one for damage deposit)
  • The damage deposit will be returned to you after the rental as long as no damages are incurred and policies are followed
  • Make checks payable to Lykens Borough
  • Payment of fees constitutes application for reservation
  • Phone reservations are not accepted


  • Lykens Borough reserves the right to reject a facility reservation at any time if it believes the event or activity will unreasonably interfere with other existing or planned activities.
  • Alcoholic or intoxicating substances are prohibited.
  • Please note the park adjacent to the pavilion is open dusk to dawn.
  • The potential lessee is reminded that this is a publicly owned facility location in a public park. The lessee is reserving only the pavilion and cannot rent the park.
  • Picnic tables and grills are not to be moved.
  • Any temporary additions to the pavilion such as tents, pony rides, concession stand, ect are not permitted.
  • Cooking may take place in grills only.
  • Pavilion and surrounding area are to be left clean and in orderly condition, this includes the restrooms. Trash and litter must be placed in appropriate containers which are the trash receptacles at the pavilion or the dumpster located by the Borough building.
  • You must see the Borough office to have an adult sign for a restroom key.
  • Vehicular parking is permitted only in the established parking lots. Parking is not permitted on the grass or in the pavilion areas.
  • Please have your approved pavilion application with you on the date of your rental and be prepared to exhibit it to Borough officials and Borough Police Officers.
  • The Lessee hereby releases and holds harmless and indemnifies the Borough of Lykens, its employees and agents from all liabilities arising out of the Lessee’s use of the premises during the timeframe of this Agreement.

Pavilion Rental Application

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