Borough Resident & Property Owner Information

Borough/Authority Drop off Box

The Borough/Authority Office has a locked drop off box on the outside of the Borough Office door. This box may be used for dropping off water/sewer and trash payments as well as correspondences and necessary paperwork. The box may be used when the office is closed for your convenience. Please reframe from placing cash in the box, a check or money order is preferred.


All property owners in the Borough of Lykens are required to have trash pick up through the Borough’s contracted hauler. This is by Ordinance. Property owners will be billed quarterly for service at the current rate the Borough is contracted with the hauler. A property owner will need to set up service through the Borough Office at 717-453-7597.

Quarterly trash service allows for up to five (5) bags per week not to extend $100 pounds in total weight.

 Property owners/residents that generate a small amount of trash may elect to go on the orange trash bag system instead of quarterly trash service. Orange bags may be picked up at the Borough Office on a Monday or Wednesday from 7:00-11:30 A.M. and from 12:00-3:00 P.M. The current charge is $4.00 per bag.

A property owner may not switch the desired service from bags to quarterly or from quarterly to bags in the middle of a quarter.

Trash should only be placed outside in your pick-up location the evening before your morning scheduled pick-up. The North Side of town is picked up on Friday morning (the North side is the same side Dairy Queen is located on). The South Side of town is picked up on Tuesday morning (the South side is the same side Boyer’s Market is located on). Never place loose trash out for collection either place your trash in a bag or a container.

Grass/weeds and other vegetation

Lykens Borough has a Grass, Weeds and Other Vegetation Ordinance. The Ordinances states no property owner shall permit any grass or weeds or any vegetation, not edible or planted for some useful or ornamental purpose, to grow or remain upon a premise so as to exceed a height of 6” or to throw off any unpleasant or noxious odor or to conceal any filthy deposit or to create or produce pollen.

Grass and weeds should be maintained curb to curb and curb to alley on all sides of the premises.

A Borough Official will make a weekly inspection to identify any properties that are not being properly maintained. If a property is identified a letter of violation will be mailed to the property owner of the premises. The property owner will have eight (8) days to bring the property into compliance. If the property is not brought into compliance by the specified date a fine may be imposed. Vacant or unoccupied properties that are not brought into compliance by the specified date will be fined and the property will be brought up to compliance by a Borough Official and billed at the current hourly rate set by Council. All unpaid bills will be turned over for collection and a lien placed on the property.

Snow and Ice Removal

Lykens Borough has a drop off box in the lobby for unused or old medicine to be safely disposed of. This drop off box can be used for all tablets, capsules, lotions and ointments including pet medications. The box may not be used to dispose of liquids, needles or illegal drugs.

House Numbers

Seconds count in an emergency! That is why it is important that your house is clearly marked for emergency personnel. Simply put, ensure that assistance coming from any direction is easily able to identify your house number.

  1. Protect your family and your property by having large visible house numbers
  2. Firefighters, Police Officers, and Paramedics will be able to find you faster when your home is properly marked.
  3. A visitor, child, or injured person may be unable to give clear directions and rely on your house being properly marked.
  4. Emergency personnel from a neighboring community may be unfamiliar with your area.
  5. The Office of the State Fire Marshal says numbers need to be at least 4-inches in height and facing the street.
  6. Put the numbers under lighting, and use numbers with a contrasting background so they will be visible at night.
  7. Attach numbers to the home and NOT a door. Doors can be opened which will make the markings no longer visible.
  8. Be sure to keep the numbers visible by trimming trees or branches nearby.
  9. It is recommended that house numbers be placed on the front and back of your property.
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Borough of Lykens

200 Main Street, Lykens, PA 17048 (717) 453-7597

Hours of Operation

Office hours for Borough and Authority are: Monday & Wednesday 7:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M., there is a lunch break daily from 11:30 to 12:00 (noon)